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Old Arbat and Arbatskie Gates Square

The area around the Arbat Gate is interesting because there are such different objects in the historical and architectural sense around it. Here you can see: the Temple of Simeon the Stylite, known from the 16th century and the high-rise of the New Arbat and the lobby of the star-shaped Arbat station and the beautiful Morozov mansion built in the Hispanic-Moorish style. Old Arbat Street will amaze you with the presence of theatres, shops and cafes. Everyone will remember this place in their own way.

Hiking, 1.5 hours


Alexander Garden and Red Square

During the tour we will get acquainted with the history of the creation of the Alexander Garden, its monuments and structures, and if we are lucky enough we may see the changing of the guard at the eternal flame. Let's go through the beautiful forged lattice of the main entrance to the Alexander Garden to Manezhnaya Square, and then through the Voskresenskye Gate.  We will then get to Red Square, where we will see the Kazan Cathedral, Nikolskaya Tower and the Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin. We can calculate the number of towers of the Kremlin from the East side. We will see the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the Spassky Tower, the Upper and Middle Trading Rows, and finally the Church of St. Basil the Blessed.

Hiking, 1 hour



Red Square and Zaryadye park

This is a pleasant walk, during which time we will see the main sights of Red Square: Kazansky Cathedral, Nikolskaya Tower, Mausoleum, Necropolis near the Kremlin wall, Spasskaya Tower, the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, Upper and Middle Trading Rows and St. Basil's Cathedral. Let's go to Zaryadie park to admire the landscapes of four climatic zones, as well as views of Moscow from the soaring bridge. We will discover what makes the Zaryadye Concert Hall unique, let's talk about cultural sites located on one of the oldest streets of Varvarka, adjacent to the park. Let's take photos to capture these memories and to reflect upon in years to come.

Hiking, 1.5 hours



Christ the Savior Cathedral

During the tour we will get acquainted with the history of construction and the interior of the temple. We will admire the panorama of Moscow from the observation deck with a height of 40m or visit the Lower Transfiguration Church.

Hiking, 1.5 hours




Moscow evening lights

Sightseeing tour of evening Moscow with stops near Red Square on Vasilyevsky Spusk, at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on the Patriarshy Bridge, on the observation platform near Sparrow Hills. You will lovingly hear about one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the hope of seeing you again, in the not too distant future.  We will show many historical places in the capital, with the knowledge that our excursion will leave you with the most pleasant memories in your heart as we carry along the most beautiful streets of Moscow.

Car tour 3 hours



Moscow subway

During the tour, we will get acquainted with the 7 stations of the Moscow metro. We will drive along the ring line and a section of the Gorky radius. We will find out how and why it was decided to build the Moscow subway, what role the Moscow metro played for residents of the city and the whole country during the Second World War. Also to discover which architectural styles the stations of the first and second stages belong to.  As well as learning the history of their creation, as well as look into the future of the subway.

Hiking, 1.5 hours


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